Ancillary Service Engineering Projects
Bedford, Bedfordshire
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Sb Plastics


Sb Plastics Machinery is a long established supplier of quality ancillary equipment, their range covers all the necessary machines for the material handling and conditioning of modern polymers.

DBN Dehumidification Dryers

Single and twin bed dryers are available between 50m3/hr and 2000m3/hr.

Dryer Hot Air Brochure

A range of hot air dryers from 40m3/hr to 380m3/hr up to 140`c

Hopper Loaders (Single Phase)

Single phase loaders with a capacity from 20 kg/hr to 200 kg/hr along with compressed air loaders.

Hopper Loaders (Three Phase)

3 phase hopper loaders with a capacity of 200 ltr/hr to 800 ltr/hr

Volumetric Dosing Units COLOUR

Colour and additive dosing units from 0.08kg/hr to 125kg/hr